[Development] On qbs use inside Qt

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Thu Feb 16 12:19:10 CET 2012

Ok, so you have now all seen Jörg's blog about qbs. If you haven't, please go 
read it before continuing:


Let me also remind you of the past discussions on buildsystems. See the 


Particularly Lars's reply[1]:

> Let's not change this for 5.0. Changing the build system is something that
> can be potentially rather disruptive to our work. We'd then deal with both
> changing larger pieces in the architecture as well as a changing build
> system. It's better to look at options there once Qt itself has a stable
> branch to work with again (ie. after we have 5.0).

Those decisions still stand. So reiterating:

A) Qt 5.0 will ship with qmake as the buildsystem
B) other buildsystems are *not* welcome as non-optional dependencies

And since there has been as of yet no decision on the subject, let's also be 
very clear:

C) it HAS NOT been decided that qbs will be adopted for building Qt

But if the qbs devs want to start adding files to the Qt installation like the 
current pkg-config, cmake and libtool files, they can. I would personally 
request that they make a 1.0 release of their tool first.

As for the adoption, I point back to Lars's statement: efforts right now would 
be disruptive. I also take that to mean that adding the files to execute the 
build are *not* welcome in the master branch.

If anyone wishes to start working on making Qt compile with their preferred 
buildsystem, they are welcome to do so -- in a branch. Any discussion about 
which one to adopt shall be postponed until 5.0 is out, possibly at the QCS.

[1] http://www.mail-archive.com/qt5-feedback@qt.nokia.com/msg01363.html

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