[Development] Changing qreal to a float

Marc Mutz marc.mutz at kdab.com
Mon Feb 20 16:15:15 CET 2012

On Monday February 20 2012, andre.poenitz at nokia.com wrote:
> PS: If we agree that  template <class T> QRectBase;  class QRectF :
> QRectBase<float> class QRectD : QRectBase<double> etc would be acceptable
> for 5.0 I'd try to come up with a patch for (b). For (a) the short solution
> would be simply making the typedef unconditional, or in the luxury variant
> to add a configure switch (which I'd try to avoid...)

Why not just use a typedef:

  typedef QRectImpl<int> QRect;
  typedef QRectImpl<double> QRectD;
  typedef QRectImpl<float> QRectF;



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