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So we've now 2 options to set the config file.
1. QLOG_CONFIG_FILE environment variable
2. setDefaultConfigFile function.

What do you mean with:
 ... and to supplying a QIODevice*?


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On terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2012 07.15.48, wolfgang.beck at nokia.com
> We have a default config file which uses a hardcoded filename but the 
> path to this file is created with the default config file path + 
> organization name + application name.

I don't want this. Application names and organisation names change every now and then. The applications may know about their own settings and migrate those, but if we have hardcoded paths coming from inside QtCore, those will get lost in the move.

Please restrict this to an environment variable and to supplying a QIODevice*.

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