[Development] Memory Leak in QtWebKit

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Just FYI - this is probably a better question for the qt-interests list as this list is focused on Qt5 at the moment (and post 5.0 after that).



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>Subject: [Development] Memory Leak in QtWebKit
>Dear all
>I'd like to ask you question about memory leak in Webkit. Currently, I am using
>QtWebkit self contained in Qt 4.8.0, and my test application is like follows:
>int main(int argc, char *argv[])
>    QApplication a(argc, argv);
>    QWebView* view = new QWebView();
>    view->load(QUrl("http://www.baidu.com"));
>    view->show();
>    a.exec();
>    delete view;
>    return 0;
>As you know, Webkit provide RefCountedLeakCounter class to detect memory leak. 
>When I run this test application in debug mode, I have noticed that many 
>WebCoreNodes and CachedResource have leaked. This leak could be a big problem 
>because we want to make use of WebKit in embedded device.
>So, I'd like to ask you all whether this memory leak real or not? I just can't 
>believe Webkit would leak memory in such a simple test, or if Webkit provides 
>some other mechanism to ensure memory will not be leaked, please tell me.
>Can anyone provide some information about this problem? I really appreciate your
>Best Regards
>Eric Chen
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