[Development] QtCS, Qt 5 beta and vacation

lars.knoll at nokia.com lars.knoll at nokia.com
Tue Jun 26 14:44:25 CEST 2012

Hi everybody,

first of all thanks to everybody who came and participated at the
contributor summit. I got a bit too much sidetracked and missed many of
the technical discussions I wanted attend. But it's great to see the notes
and summaries from the different sessions flow in now, and it shows that
we had a very productive 3 days in Berlin.

The Qt 5 beta is getting closer, and I think we'll have something
releasable within the next two weeks. Technically we have most things in
place, but the sha1's in qt5.git will need to follow and get quite a bit
closer to the HEADs of each repository.

There's still a few technical gaps left (e.g. WebKit2 on Windows, some
multimedia pieces on Mac and Windows, DnD on Mac), but I still think it's
better to now ship a beta than to wait any longer. Please all make sure
that you document these technical gaps in the Known Issues section of the
release notes. 

The main areas for the beta that still need focus is documentation and
packaging. Please test new packages when they become available and report
issues to Jira and releasing at qt-project.org. Please also help by going
through the generated documentation and the examples for your areas and
fix remaining issues in there.

On a personal note, I will be leaving for a three week summer vacation
with my family starting tomorrow. I'll try to catch up on the mailing list
and my email from time to time, but will have rather limited connectivity.

In the meantime, Jason McDonald will be the release manager for the beta
and can make the final call on the package quality. Casper will have a
special focus on the documentation in the package. Marius Storm-Olsen will
coordinate the other parts of the release process with our folks from the
marketing mailing list and other places.

For all other areas the usual suspects (ie. the Maintainers) can do the
calls. If they can't agree, you'll have to find me in my hiding place or
wait a until I come back... ;-)

In case you're also taking some time off, enjoy your vacations and the
summer (at least for the parts of the world that has summer currently).


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