[Development] Preparing to release repackaged version of Qt 4.8.3 with Digia copyrights

Stephen Kelly stephen.kelly at kdab.com
Thu Oct 4 13:38:46 CEST 2012

On Thursday, October 04, 2012 06:27:58 Turunen Tuukka wrote:
> On 4.10.2012 0.15, "Rafael Roquetto" <rafael.roquetto at kdab.com> wrote:
> >What's the problem of "branching" 4.8.3, cherry-picking
> >619136931e2c985377348d196d488e429a4858d6 (is that the right patch?), and
> >tagging it as 4.8.4?
> Unfortunately release branches have not been used in the Qt Project

That doesn't matter, and it's not a big deal. What matters is a proper tag.

Assuming the problem is not knowing how to do what is suggested, I just did it 
on my machine locally to show you:

git checkout v4.8.3
git checkout -b tempbranch # This branch will not be pushed
git cherry-pick 619136931e2c985377348d196d488e429a4858d6
# These files are newer than the v4.8.3 tag, so they conflict
git rm src/plugins/platforms/blackberry/qbbbuttoneventnotifier.cpp
git rm src/plugins/platforms/blackberry/qbbbuttoneventnotifier.h
git rm tests/manual/qgraphicsitem/main.cpp
git commit
git tag v4.8.4 # Do the tag in the repo.
git checkout 4.8 # local checkout of origin/4.8
# Temp branch not needed anymore and should not be pushed
git branch -D tempbranch 
git merge v4.8.4
# We just updated the copyright on this file, but it has been 
# deleted in the 4.8 branch already
git rm config.tests/mac/coreservices/coreservices.mm

gitk # See what just happened and learn from it.

# Make the release from the v4.8.4 tag.

So, why didn't you even propose doing that?

> - we
> have made all 4.8.x releases directly from the 4.8 branch. That is the
> root cause of many problems in releasing and an issue that will be
> addressed with the branching discussed in the mailing lists.

If it is not possible to make releases from a tag, then you have to fix the 
script anyway.

> >As for the MingW patch, wouldn't that be a completely different thing? If
> >it
> >is critical and has to go on the release anyway, how dependant is this
> >patch
> >on the post 4.8.3 changes? Would it be that hard to cherry-pick it as
> >Thiago
> >suggested? Apologies if I am missing something.
> It is a critical patch that we were anyway planning to issue as 4.8.3-1
> for both commercial and open source users. Now we just have to also
> include the copyright changes as we can not release under wrong copyrights.

4.8.3 is already released.

Creating a 4.8.3-1 makes no sense. Please just create a 4.8.4.

> -> If needed, have the 4.8.3-1 available in its own branch that will not
> be merged back to 4.8 branch (that already contains all the items)

You have to merge it back to the 4.8 branch and it's not a problem to do so. 
It makes git-describe work.

> -> Not to mess up the 4.8 branch that already contains the right
> copyrights as well as a number of other new items since 4.8.3

The commands I just pasted do not mess anything up.

> As said we have already done about all the work needed to get 4.8.3-1 out
> now. 

It sounds like you haven't.

> Then we have more time to change the copyrights to the older
> versions, and can still have the installers available for the users.

You mean you're going to change the copyright notices on versions older than 
4.8.3 and re-release them too with a different name?

Please excuse me if I've missed something here,

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