[Development] QFontMetrics and QScriptLine height calculation

Rafael Roquetto rafael.roquetto at kdab.com
Thu Oct 4 22:22:46 CEST 2012


I am trying to fix tst_QAccessibility for QNX, and I have a problem on line

QAccessible2::RelativeToParent).size(), QSize(fm.width("h"), fm.height()));

This comparison is failing, because the caracter rect height is bigger than
the height returned by QFontMetrics. And...?

Well, ultimately the height of the character rect comes from
QScriptLine::height(). Here is how it is calculated (simplified):

    height = ascent + descent + 1 (leadingIncluded ? leading : QFixed())

While QFontMetrics does not use 'leading' to compute 'height' (simplified):

    height = ascent + descent + 1

Which leads to a few questions:

1. Is this meant to be like that or is either class implementation incorrect?

2. If this is correct, then is the test erroneusly assuming that
QFontMetrics::height() == QScriptLine::height() for every use case? Or...

3. Should the 'leading' be '0' in the context of the test (what happens in Qt
built for Linux, but not for QNX)?

Well, I will continue to investigate it, but since I do not know much about
this corner of Qt, I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask :)

Thanks a lot in advance,

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