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Bache-Wiig Jens Jens.Bache-Wiig at digia.com
Mon Oct 8 14:15:57 CEST 2012

Anyway, a theming question. How can the QML Desktop Components
currently be themed? Only by means of QStyle? Would there be a way to
use kde's plasma themes in the QML Desktop Components? And do the
desktop components depend on QWidgets only because of QStyle.

Yes we have already been researching quite a bit on that. Right now you can already style things by setting delegates on Components just like ListView. But a global platform theme is still not possible. I have some local patches that does precisely that but there are some details for instance with respect to scroll bar styling where things get rather complicated. (i.e how do you handle user feedback, such as clicking on sub controls, without putting all the logic in the style itself?).

We have also been prototyping a css-like selector mechanism that picks QML components based on their object hierarcy and class name. You can find that here: https://gitorious.org/qtquickcomponents-styling. This only solves a subset of the theming problem though. I have asked Richard to post a brief explanation in the qt-components mailing list so we could continue the discussion there.

There are other dependencies on QWidget like QMenu, QAction and possibly the standard dialogs. I don't think these dependencies are much of a problem for a desktop application. But right now we have to create hidden widgets behind the scenes to fix errors in various styles. That is not something we should be doing for the released Qt5 version.


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