[Development] RFC: Qt Security Policy

Peter Hartmann phartmann at rim.com
Tue Oct 9 10:37:33 CEST 2012

On 10/09/2012 01:07 AM, Giuseppe D'Angelo wrote:
> (...)
>>   * Security issues should not be reported via the normal
>>     bugreports.qt-project.org tracker, but should instead be sent to
>>     security at qt-project.org.
> This requires advertising such address properly, on the main
> qt-project website, on the wiki, etc.

Back in Nokia days we had a web form on the "contact us" web page for 
security issues (see also the thread from last year -> 
Maybe we could have a web form or the mail address mentioned at 
qt-project.org? And maybe Digia wants to somehow link to that on their 
web page as well?

The proposal looks good to me (I had read it before it was posted here); 
one more thing: I see the "Blog" link on qt-project.org now links to the 
Digia blog. Shouldn't it link to planet.qt-project.org? Then security 
announcements could be made public through a blog post as well, and 
mails on announce@ could link to the post if necessary etc.


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