[Development] No recent commit in qt5 git?

Lincoln Ramsay a1291762 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 01:03:31 CEST 2012

On 11/10/12 05:01, Stephen Chu wrote:
> I think I can bring qtbase to head for that. But last time I did it, I
> had to wipe my whole Qt5 repo to get back to qt5 current. Maybe I will
> have better luck this time. :)

In 99.999% of cases, if you remove your git repo to fix a problem, 
you're doing it wrong.

git reflog keeps track of the revisions your local repo was previously 
at. pulled something you didn't like? checked out the wrong revision? 
rebase gone bad? git reflog shows you the previous revisions you had 
checked out so you can always go back.

If a local branch has commits you don't want, git reset --hard <good 
sha1> can fix that.

If you've moved some qt5 submodules forwards, a simple git submodule 
update from the top of the tree will reset that.

If you've got non-git files in your git repo (why aren't you building in 
a separate tree?) run git clean -f -d -x (or from qt5, git submodule 
foreach git clean -f -d -x).

When you remove your git repo, you also remove customizations to the 
files in the .git that may have been important (eg. commit hooks, 
non-default config values).


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