[Development] Help fixing, or WONTFIXing, an 8+ month old bug: QTBUG-24304

d959 at nospammail.net d959 at nospammail.net
Thu Oct 11 21:01:02 CEST 2012

I filed a bug ~ 8 months ago for a reproducible problem's that's been
around since at least Qt v4.7.4, and continues in Qt v4.8.3.

In the OP, and recently, I've included procedure to reproduce &

Here's the bug:

	15/Feb/12 6:35 PM
	Qt LineEdit incorrectly truncates "Password" dialog elements
	when entered with a KDE Custom Shortcut ...

In those 8 months, the only activity has been to pop up and suddenly
close the bug, and incorrectly claim that I never included a screenshot
in the 1st place.

I've been trying to get someone to address this for a colleague with
accessibility challenges.

Could some dev spare time/effort to either address the issue, or simply
communicate that it's not going to get fixed?

8+ months seems a reasonable amount of time for an end-user to wait for
some sort of activity.

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