[Development] Upcoming CI disruptions

Anttila Janne Janne.Anttila at digia.com
Tue Oct 16 08:08:06 CEST 2012

Rohan McGovern wrote:

> In preparation for the transfer of remaining systems from Nokia to
> Digia, various projects covered by the Qt CI will soon be migrated from
> Nokia's Pulse infrastructure to a new Jenkins setup.

Transferring Qt CI projects from Nokia Pulse infra to a new Jenkins based 
setup has been completed a while ago. Rohan did great job with migration, 
and as far as I know no major disruptions were found.

Now all Qt CI projects are being driven by Jenkins based system, but
CI Testers for different OS configurations, network autotest server etc are
still located in Nokia network.

Next step in CI system transfer from Nokia to Digia is to switch Qt project CI
system from Nokia hosted machines to Digia hosting. This part of migration 
will begin this week. The order in which the projects will be migrated to 
Digia hosted CI system is the same as it was in Pulse to Jenkins migration. 
One can check the order from http://qt-project.org/wiki/CI_Migration 

If no major showstoppers occur, the migration should be completed 
by the end of next week. I know that the schedule is not optimal from 
Qt5 Beta2 release point of view, but unfortunately we don't really have 

> In theory, there should be very few user-visible differences from the
> migration.  Changes may be staged as usual.  However, please be aware of
> a higher than normal risk of disruptions during this time.

The above applies also for this part of the migration. But as always with 
major changes there is higher than normal risk involved...

Janne Anttila
Senior Architect - Digia, Qt
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