[Development] Help fixing, or WONTFIXing, an 8+ month old bug: QTBUG-24304

Curtis Mitchell mitch.curtis at digia.com
Wed Oct 17 17:32:13 CEST 2012

I closed the bug, and shortly after, re-opened it. Closing a bug is not an irreversible action. If the reporter disagrees with the closure - which is not unusual, considering the inherent difficulty of reproducing some bugs, the lack of information provided in some reports or the occasional mistake by the closer - then the bug can be reopened. I've been looking at lots of older bugs lately, most of which were reported earlier than yours, so you're not alone in that it's been a while since someone's looked at it.

Oh and, yes, I missed the link to the screenshot in the description; I do apologise for that.
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Subject: [Development] Help fixing, or WONTFIXing,      an 8+ month old bug:  QTBUG-24304

I filed a bug ~ 8 months ago for a reproducible problem's that's been
around since at least Qt v4.7.4, and continues in Qt v4.8.3.

In the OP, and recently, I've included procedure to reproduce &

Here's the bug:

        15/Feb/12 6:35 PM
        Qt LineEdit incorrectly truncates "Password" dialog elements
        when entered with a KDE Custom Shortcut ...

In those 8 months, the only activity has been to pop up and suddenly
close the bug, and incorrectly claim that I never included a screenshot
in the 1st place.

I've been trying to get someone to address this for a colleague with
accessibility challenges.

Could some dev spare time/effort to either address the issue, or simply
communicate that it's not going to get fixed?

8+ months seems a reasonable amount of time for an end-user to wait for
some sort of activity.

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