[Development] QML Profiler for Qt5.0-Beta1 programs

Jana Aurindam Aurindam.Jana at digia.com
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Some ways to do this:

1) If you can connect to the arm board via network, then
* Start you application with -qmljsdebugger=port:<port number>
* From QtCreator, connect to the applicationvia "Attach to QML Profiler" and specify the IP and the above port

2) You can use the standalone profiler in Qt-5.
* qmlprofiler [options] [program] [program-options]
This launches the app and starts profiling
Options: -fromStart will start profiling as soon as the app is running
        Commands: r - toggle record etc
* start application with -qmljsdebugger=port:<port number>
Use qmlprofiler [options] -attach [hostname] to attach to the application.

The profiled data will be stored in a user defined file which can then be read using QtCreator QML Profiler tool to generate graphs etc.

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On Oct 18, 2012, at 8:07 AM, Labs, Torsten wrote:

Hi, I have a problem using QML Profiler with Qt5-Beta1 based programs. I use a QPA based architecture on a Arm board and will try to connect the QML Profiler with a Qt Creator 2.5.2. Is it possible? How can I do it? Do I hav do use another Qt Creator?


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