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> So I'm going to recommend renaming qmlviewer and qmlplugindump back
> to the Qt
> 4 names and call them "applications". Distributions will not co-install both:
> one simply upgrades them and keeps *all* of the functionality.

Especially for qmlplugindump I don't agree. Its sole use right now is to get meta information about a QML plugin for Qt Creator code completion: It's either called internally from Qt Creator, or the plugin developer can also explicity dump the information to a .qmltypes file e.g. in the build process of the plugin. Now, experience shows people often rather live with broken code completion in Qt Creator compared to having any hassle with qmlplugindump, so asking them to always compile their plugins with latest Qt 5 just to get code completion won't work.

So, _if_ we already rename half of the tools I don't see why qmlplugindump + qmlviewer should be the exception. Same goes for qmlviewer. Designer is a bit different since I guess 90% of the people just use it with stock component sets ...



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