[Development] Proposal: installation of QtWebkit helper processes

shane.kearns at accenture.com shane.kearns at accenture.com
Mon Oct 22 19:05:16 CEST 2012

QtWebkit in Qt 5 requires two helper processes:
QtWebProcess & QtWebPluginProcess

Applications using a web view component will not work if these executables are not in the path.

These processes are an implementation detail of Webkit, and the interfaces may not be compatible between versions.

Include the version in the executable name, either the Webkit version or the Qt version will do.
 - to prevent running an incompatible version

Install to the libexec path, e.g. $(libexecdir)/qt5 on linux
I expect on windows each application will carry it's private copy, and on mac it will be inside the framework package.

Use QLibraryInfo to locate the helper executable at runtime. (see Thiago's proposal on tools)
Assumed that for developer builds this points to the right place in the build tree.


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