[Development] On the reliability of CI

Lincoln Ramsay a1291762 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 06:32:49 CEST 2012

On 25/10/12 13:00, Rohan McGovern wrote:
> True, there used to be Nokia employees reading every failure report and
> chasing up apparently unstable tests, either trying to fix the tests, or
> acknowledge them via bug reports and marking them insignificant.
> Those people are gone and the test results are likely to be less stable
> until they're replaced


The QA guys in Brisbane did an awesome job that was perhaps not so 
obvious or visible to people outside of the office. Not only did they 
keep the CI system running and stable, they poked, prodded and tweaked 
the Qt product so that it could pass through the CI system quickly 
(raising bugs as appropriate when tests were broken or flaky).

I'm pretty sure there's someone at Digia ready to take over maintenance 
of the CI system. However, there isn't (to my knowledge) anyone ready to 
take on the task of keeping Qt in a state that can pass through the CI 
system. If nobody steps up to take on this responsibility then it'll 
fall on everyone to ensure their stuff is getting through CI.


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