[Development] Proposal: Time to decide what security policy the Qt Project will use (not Trolltech/Nokia/Digia)

João Abecasis joao at abecasis.name
Fri Oct 26 20:01:38 CEST 2012

Dear d3fault,

d3fault wrote:
> Nah. "WILL" is too strong a statement. More like: very very very very likely ;-)

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> The number isn't very relevant because they are crackers instead of
> script kiddies. The number of crackers is also a question mark. You
> simply cannot know how many crackers have gained access to the
> information. It's better to know that everyone knows than to think*
> you and your peers are the only ones who know (and to keep the rest of
> us in the dark). You do not have to fear the script kiddies a single
> bit if you are armed with the same information as them (because you
> shut down).

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> * = erroneously

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> -A few crackers armed with knowledge you don't have
> -A ton of script kiddies with knowledge you also have

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> The lesser of two evils is the latter.

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> BECAUSE *copies from above*:
> You do not have to fear the script kiddies a single bit if you are
> armed with the same information as them (because you shut down).

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> If I can convince you then you might be able to convince him. Since,
> you know, he actually respects you and all (brought that upon myself
> xD).

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> We should handle it like OpenBSD, erring on the side of caution. If
> it's definitely a buffer overflow, it should be fixed. The QML people
> don't have to pay attention to the Security discussions and can
> continue being oblivious (note: if you are oblivious, you are not
> secure).

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> "During our ongoing auditing process we find many bugs, and endeavor
> to fix them even though exploitability is not proven. We fix the bug,
> and we move on to find other bugs to fix. We have fixed many simple
> and obvious careless programming errors in code and only months later
> discovered that the problems were in fact exploitable. (Or, more
> likely someone on BUGTRAQ would report that other operating systems
> were vulnerable to a `newly discovered problem', and then it would be
> discovered that OpenBSD had been fixed in a previous release)" (
> http://openbsd.org/security.html ).

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amet neque.

> I would like Qt to be ahead of the game like OpenBSD is. I'd even like
> to see a minimal/hardened version of Qt where code must first pass
> extensive auditing. I would happily contribute to that process as it
> serves me directly.

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> Similarly, they could handle "You are vulnerable. You should shut down
> to protect yourself" and "Here's a fix, apply it like this and you
> should be ok to bring yourself back online".

Mauris mi ligula, condimentum id condimentum a, sollicitudin ac diam.
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> Yes, but we should not simultaneously force those who are competent to suffer.

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sapien eu ligula. Etiam mattis sapien quis quam luctus ullamcorper.
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eu turpis rutrum vel pulvinar magna egestas. Quisque a ipsum vel
lectus gravida accumsan. Duis facilisis accumsan lacinia. Praesent id
tempor magna. Praesent adipiscing nisl ut neque aliquet vel accumsan
nulla rhoncus. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus
et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Quisque cursus tincidunt dictum.
Nullam scelerisque felis quis orci dictum ac lobortis elit dapibus.

> They wouldn't have to hack their way in if you gave them access.
> You've already shown that it's relatively easy for someone to join the
> security team.

Fusce vehicula semper vulputate. Ut ultricies, metus in lobortis
gravida, velit urna scelerisque dolor, eget auctor ligula arcu ac
nunc. Vivamus tortor leo, vulputate id accumsan sed, accumsan interdum
libero. Integer nunc orci, vestibulum in dictum ac, elementum nec
magna. Nunc et porttitor neque. Nam porttitor hendrerit eros,
sollicitudin porta felis interdum vestibulum. Vestibulum vitae turpis
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tincidunt. Aenean lacinia dapibus lectus eu congue. Nam facilisis
magna a turpis congue sed gravida massa aliquet.

> lol. We cannot attain perfection, but we should still strive for it.
> Yes having your systems online is a risk... and so is going outside.
> But if you ***KNOW*** there's a man with a gun standing outside your
> door, you aren't going to go outside. The same is true for knowing of
> a vulnerability's existence: don't go online until you know it's been
> dealt with.

Praesent consequat, nisl quis aliquet ultricies, velit dolor interdum
arcu, at accumsan lorem eros ac leo. Duis et ipsum nisl, sed dictum
nunc. Quisque laoreet nibh ac felis consequat quis aliquam velit
consectetur. Nullam a elit et diam vulputate tempor. Proin congue,
arcu vitae pulvinar pharetra, orci turpis commodo nibh, at tristique
ligula massa faucibus turpis. Etiam molestie, magna porttitor sagittis
iaculis, nisi ante pharetra metus, sed hendrerit dolor sem in dolor.
Aliquam molestie lectus vitae lorem placerat consequat. Ut egestas
tincidunt eros ac pretium. Donec convallis posuere tellus id posuere.

> See above about a hardened Qt. Moving to Full Disclosure would be a
> first step towards that.

Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur
ridiculus mus. Nam faucibus mi eget arcu aliquet tristique. Morbi sem
purus, volutpat sit amet pretium ac, suscipit nec odio. Suspendisse
rhoncus mattis neque, sed accumsan magna luctus non. Ut quam magna,
ornare ut porttitor vel, scelerisque nec augue. Nullam eleifend, odio
et facilisis varius, mi lacus pretium libero, vel pharetra est augue
at leo. Sed congue augue sed tortor scelerisque vel tincidunt dui
varius. Ut eget ligula elit. Pellentesque iaculis sagittis ligula
facilisis bibendum. Praesent et lobortis nulla. Suspendisse nec orci
diam. Ut ac lorem sapien. Mauris ligula orci, rutrum in vulputate ut,
gravida eget sem. Sed non tortor sit amet nibh dictum viverra.

> Leftover corporate policy and a bunch of opinions and other
> non-arguments. Honestly, this discussion we're having right now has
> been the only productive one.

I think the above pretty much invalidates all your arguments.

Now, to put it politely, fuck off.


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