[Development] Proposal: Time to decide what security policy the Qt Project will use (not Trolltech/Nokia/Digia)

d3fault d3faultdotxbe at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 23:27:03 CEST 2012

Oh god my sides. Not sure if troll. I'm incapable of determining it.
Here's what Google Translate spat out:

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.....this paragraph came out of google translate the exact same


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And here's some gems... most likely the result of Google Translate
butchering everything:

>Welcome to a new experience of life here.

Well thank you kind sir <3... but what was the old experience?

>a ridiculous mouse will be born

We certainly wouldn't want that now would we

>Add to prefix meaning half, for, in the course of the time, to, Information that is.

Couldn't agree more!

>But your life from time to catch pregnancy

See this is where your argument falls apart. I'm male

>Free time, no Section at the fringe, ugly or just annoying, but it was set up job free life.

I *think* this is you calling me a spoiled American? uJelly?

>Each soft pump nearby

Sounds hot.

>We want a cat


>But the story is.

An irrefutable fact.

>Search no more

I actually spent a great many years (relative to the length of my
life) searching for that perfect  programming environment... and Qt is
(almost ;-P) it. So I will search no more...

>I think the above pretty much invalidates all your arguments.

You may very well be right. I'll probably never know...

>Now, to put it politely, frack off.

lol <3. I have thicker skin than the project's leaders
How did you get around the filter zomgh4x?

>Or, put more delicately, Catullus, carmen 16, verse 1.
ROFL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catullus_16#Prose_translation

Catullus incarnate,

*nom nom nom*

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