[Development] Pending decisions on co-installation

Poenitz Andre Andre.Poenitz at digia.com
Wed Oct 31 11:51:32 CET 2012

Sune Vuorela:
> This is something that will happen to be done. and for the sake of
> documentation and support, please let it be consistant not only across
> distributions, but also across platforms so that documentations don't
> have to be
> if mac | upstream-provided-linux-builds {
>   run qmake
> } else if windows {
>   run qmake.exe
> } else if debian {
>   run qmake-qt5
> } elese if fedora {
>   run qmake5

Nobody was asking for that. 

The attempts at a solution were revolving so far around

     (a) providing a means to select a sandboxed Qt version
     (b) running qmake

(a) can be as much as "nothing" on all setups that only have a single
version of Qt around, or some other means to switch (like when using 
Creator, or whatever distributions consider "native" on their system), 
and (b) is obviously cross-platform.

> Yes. we need to do something. and if the 'something' is to ask Lars as
> chief maintainer to override Ossi, then we must do that.

This is not about "overriding someone". This is about ranking the user 
experience of the majority of users higher than the convenience of a 
handful of Linux distribution packagers - half which will do their own 
renaming anyway, no matter what the official solution will look like.


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