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> 2) QML tool names
> Kai raised the point that many of the QML 2 tools work for QML 1 too and
> maybe even for Qt 4's QML 1. We need confirmation on that as well as the
> willingness to keep them that way for one or two years at least. For the
> tools that work on both QML engines, we can drop the version number from
> their names.

qmlprofiler - works with Qt 4.8 target, Christiaan Janssen as QML Profiler maintainer agrees to further support it.
qmlmin - tried it successfully with some Qt 4.8 .qml files. I think this is a safe bet, since we just extended the .qml grammar in QtQuick2. CC'ed Roberto (the original author) anyway.
qmlscene - this potentially loads binary Qt plugins, therefore tied to Qt version
qmlplugindump - sole purpose is to load binary plugins. Highly tied to Qt version.
qmlbundle - New in QtQuick2, but it's unfortunately  completely undocumented [1]. Not sure whether it'll break with a QtQuick3.
qmltestrunner - New in QtQuick2. Not sure whether it makes sense to promise compatibility with a QtQuick3.

So, I think we can move qmlprofiler, qmlmin to user tools (available in default PATH) and keep their names. Regarding the naming, I think only the qmlscene and qmlviewer names really matter - that's the tools people call often, and that's why I think we should keep them also in a default PATH (disambiguating them from qt 4 qmlviewer by name). A quick poll in the office ended up with qml1viewer, qml2viewer as winner :)
[1]: Created https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27783

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