[Development] Request for a new playground project

João Abecasis joao at abecasis.name
Wed Oct 31 21:06:14 CET 2012

Jarkko Laitinen wrote:
> I have been developing a cloud integration module for Qt. The working name
> for the project is QCloud. It provides an API to do requests to Amazons S3
> and Windows Azure. This has been my masters thesis project and it has been
> done with consultation from Digia. The project is in that kind of a state
> that it could be uploaded to playground. I am not sure what the project
> should contain when it is uploaded to the playground, documentation is
> almost done but tests are still incomplete. I will include a readme that
> helps with the installation and the documentation should provide enough
> information for the developers on how to use the module. I am happy to
> answer more questions if there are any.

What are your plans for this project going forward?


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