[Development] Versioning is not working for custom Qt5 addons

Denis Shienkov scapig2 at yandex.ru
Wed Oct 31 22:03:33 CET 2012

Hello all.

When creating a custom add-on for Qt5 not correctly applied version 
number for the target.

For example, file /modules/qt_myaddon.pri have following content:

QT.myaddon.VERSION = 1.0.0
QT.myaddon.MAJOR_VERSION = 1
QT.myaddon.MINOR_VERSION = 0
QT.myaddon.PATCH_VERSION = 0

and *pro file have:

#VERSION = $$QT.myaddon.VERSION #1.0.0

But, after building i've getting the version 5.0.0 for my dll/so target 
although the directory for private headers have name 1.0.0.

Also, if i'm add VERSION = $$QT.myaddon.VERSION It no make sense because 
QT.myaddon.VERSION is empty,
(even after load(qt_module) directive).

Work only directly setup
VERSION = 1.0.0

Please, help me, Is there a solution?

Best regards,

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