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Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Thu Aug 1 21:02:12 CEST 2013

On quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013 15:49:26, Nicolás Alvarez wrote:
> 2013/8/1 Denis Shienkov <scapig2 at yandex.ru>:
> > 01.08.2013 22:35, Thiago Macieira пишет:
> >> There are two _android files in
> >> http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtbase/trees/stable/src/corelib/kernel
> > 
> > Yes, I saw them.
> > But I don't understand, where JNI's wrappers (Android-spesific wrappers)
> > for sockets, files, widgets, etc.?
> As far as I know, you don't need JNI to access sockets and files,
> that's done through the NDK.

Right. Android is just Linux, albeit using a bastardised and broken libc. If 
we want to open files, we open files. If we want to open a socket, we do it.

Worst case scenario is that we have to ask via JNI the permission to open 
certain files or to connect sockets to certain hosts. But I don't know how the 
Android security system works, so I can't give you a full answer.

> For graphics, the Android QPA plugin is on
> qtbase/src/plugins/platforms/android.

The assets file engine that we're discussing in another thread is also there.

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