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Yes, that's intentional. However it is not required for use or development. It is useful when doing changes on the ecmascript bits.


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On 08/06/2013 05:04 PM, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> On Monday 24. June 2013 10.26.33 Simon Hausmann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As you may have heard (or read), Lars, Erik and I have been working on some
>> bigger changes for qtdeclarative for a while. In a nutshell we've replaced
>> the V8 JavaScript engine with a new engine that we wrote (based on work by
>> Roberto and Aaron). We've progressed rather well and in our wip/v4 branch
>> in qtdeclarative we're now passing all auto tests (as well as the
>> ECMAScript 262 test suite). So that's why we'd like to propose merging this
>> work into qtdeclarative mainline (dev branch), in the coming days/week(s) -
>> in time for Qt 5.2 though.
> Well, the time has come and after many days of auto test battles we have an
> integration running in the CI system that targets QtDeclarative's dev branch
> and that - *fingers crossed* - should integrate. That's going to replace the v8
> dependency with a new built-in engine, that is still going to see a lot of
> further improvements (especially on the performance side) towards the release
> of Qt 5.2 (so nobody panic yet, please :)

It seems like qtdeclarative now has a git submodule, is that intended ?

[submodule "tests/manual/v4/test262"]
        path = tests/manual/v4/test262
        url = git://github.com/tronical/test262.git

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