[Development] failing network tests on CI

Richard Moore rich at kde.org
Thu Aug 8 11:24:09 CEST 2013

On 8 August 2013 10:13, Peter Hartmann <phartmann at blackberry.com> wrote:
> since the network tests seem to be failing a lot, how about disabling
> the biggest offender (QSslSocket test) for now? This will be temporary
> until we have a new network test server image in place. I will look into
> the new image the next days, no idea how long this will take though...
> Apparently the problem seems to be bad connectivity to the test server
> and unstable processes on the test server image rather than unstable
> tests, but apparently the QSslSocket test fails most often (according to
> http://qt-project.org/wiki/CI_Failing_Tests).

Since the problem is generally the proxy servers on the network test
server, won't this simply
move the problem to other tests that use this service? I've already
sent over to Tony a script
that will allow us to detect when these services are broken before we
actually do the CI run in
order to avoid wasting time on something that will fail down the road
(as agreed at QtCS).



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