[Development] New reference platforms in the CI for Qt5.2

Koehne Kai Kai.Koehne at digia.com
Mon Aug 12 10:28:39 CEST 2013

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> This could be probably and potentially improved a bit by providing proper
> 2012 Qt 4.8.X binaries off-hand, so that you could decouple the porting
> factors in different stages. Overall, it is hard to make such improvements in
> certain industry sectors like automotive where you would need to switch to
> latest technologies (i.e. more than one) in one step.

We only do patch level releases for Qt 4.8.x, and you usually don't change reference configurations in patch level releases. That's also why we e.g. still released Qt 4.8.5 with a completely outdated MinGW 4.4, which is actually quite hard to get.

Now one could of course add new binary installers to Qt 4.x. But honestly speaking, I don't think it's worth the resources and effort.



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