[Development] QtQuickControls Action keyboard shortcuts and keyPressEvent (TextField)

Ola Røer Thorsen ola at silentwings.no
Mon Aug 12 10:54:50 CEST 2013


I'm writing a specialized playback application, based on Qt 5.1. The GUI 
is based on QtQuick, and uses the QuickControls. The root window is a 
QQuickWindow, and the base item in the Quick scene is an ApplicationWindow.

I use Action items with keyboard shortcuts defined. This works, but it 
seems like an Action gets the keyboard event before the Quick items 
receive them. This means that if I have a TextField with active focus, 
it will not receive any keyboard key press events if such a key is 
already defined in an Action.

I tried the same setup in a QWidget-based application. There it is no 
problem - I add a QAction to QApplication with a shortcut - it is 
triggered as long as it's not accepted by a text field first.

Example: spacebar is shortcut for a play/pause toggle action. This means 
space cannot be used in a TextField with active focus. It will toggle 
play/pause while you type, and no space appears in the text. Please 
don't tell me I will have to add Ctrl+ to all the shortcuts...

Is this intended behavior in QtQuick? Shouldn't the item with active 
focus get the key press BEFORE any Action?


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