[Development] QTBUG-30440: restricting the SIMD files

Sune Vuorela nospam at vuorela.dk
Thu Aug 15 21:39:59 CEST 2013

On 2013-08-15, Knoll Lars <Lars.Knoll at digia.com> wrote:
> But honestly: What's the oldest CPU you still consider supported? It must
> be a bit newer then i386, which I think our default build flags currently
> are still compatible with...

We ship a prebuild i486 kernel for the 32bit x86 series. (i386 is the
name of the debian architecture)

for x86_64 (amd64), I'm pretty sure we support everything.

the armel architecture is v4t and the armhf is v7 kernel with hardfloat.

(and then there is all the more exotic stuff)


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