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guillaume.belz at free.fr guillaume.belz at free.fr
Thu Aug 22 09:35:16 CEST 2013


A problem that is often asked on forums is how to use a gamepad with qt. Or how to integrate Qt with SFML or SDL to use a gamepad 

As this is a request recurring, it would be interesting to provide gamepad support in Qt? 

Several approaches would be possible: 
1. integrated into the core to generate events gamepad (like the keyboard or mouse) 
2. create specific classes 
3. create classes for Qt Sensors 
The third solution would be my preference. 

The gamepad does not work (a priori) like the keyboard or mouse, you must read the values ​​at regular interval. To test that, I'm writing an API, intermediate between MouseArea ( gamepadX, gamepadY, gamepadZ, pressedButtons, etc) and Timer (interval, start, restart, stop, running). I also added a class for managing multiple pad (GamepadManager) and a widget to display the values ​​of the pad (GamepadWidget). If it is worth adding that in Qt, I will send 

Thank you for your opinion 
Guillaume Belz
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