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guillaume.belz at free.fr guillaume.belz at free.fr
Thu Aug 22 10:17:41 CEST 2013

Thanks for QtGamepad, I don't find it in google. It was not proposed for inclusion in Qt?

I had not thought of QPA, I'll see how to integrate it inside (if it's interesing to add gamepas in Qt ?)
For the gamepad, it need a regular refresh, I do not know if this is the case with the keyboard and mouse in QPA (I use Qtimer internaly)

For independent classe, it will anyway make for QML, probably something similar to Key

Guillaume Belz

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> While a plugin for Qt Sensors seems logical, a generic plugin would
> make sense (think evdev keyboard). QtGamePad uses an approach
> similar to what you describe: https://github.com/nezticle/qtgamepad,
> while existing input devices use QPA.
> The tradeoff is whether you want custom events available to the
> entire windowing system or signals emitted from a specific object
> (as in the case of the Sensors API). Personally, I'd rather see
> these as input-style events because that's the way input devices
> (mice & keyboards) already work, and this seems to work fine with
> evdev at least. I can't say how well it would apply to non-Linux
> systems, but I assume they are all relatively event driven for
> gamepads as well, apart from perhaps polling for analog stick data.
> In any case, you can still poll inside a generic plugin and emit
> events when the values change.
> -ak
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> Hello,
> A problem that is often asked on forums is how to use a gamepad with
> qt. Or how to integrate Qt with SFML or SDL to use a gamepad
> As this is a request recurring, it would be interesting to provide
> gamepad support in Qt?
> Several approaches would be possible:
> 1. integrated into the core to generate events gamepad (like the
> keyboard or mouse)
> 2. create specific classes
> 3. create classes for Qt Sensors
> The third solution would be my preference.
> The gamepad does not work (a priori) like the keyboard or mouse, you
> must read the values ​​at regular interval. To test that, I'm
> writing an API, intermediate between MouseArea (gamepadX, gamepadY,
> gamepadZ, pressedButtons, etc) and Timer (interval, start, restart,
> stop, running). I also added a class for managing multiple pad
> (GamepadManager) and a widget to display the values ​​of the pad
> (GamepadWidget). If it is worth adding that in Qt, I will send
> Thank you for your opinion
> Guillaume Belz

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