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Mirrorbrain system is working and we are closing the old CacheFly service 13th of September. The old service was using these addresses: releases.qt-project.org & origin.releases.qt-project.org. There is a redirect from releases.qt-project.org to download.qt-project.org, but sadly the directory structure is not the same. Some links might be broken.

Please check that everything you need can be found from the download.qt-project.org

For example: It seems that some documentation still points to releases.qt-project.org. That should be fixed.


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As discussed we have been working for some time now to improve distribution of packages for the Qt Project. The idea is to switch to MirrorBrain based system and away from the current CacheFly CDN. The work was started quite a while ago by Daniel Molkentin and now we finally have the setup available for mirroring. It is very much similar to what KDE is already using, so for most it is quite familiar to use. At this point I would like to thank Danimo and others from KDE for all the help provided to enable this.

The system is not yet taken into production use, we need to first have the mirrors in place. Currently all data is coming from the master. Downloads etc work, but it is not yet up to handle the needed load. We need to first get a decent amount of mirrors. The download page of qt-project.org has not yet been modified, i.e. it still points to CacheFly. The content in the new service is quite much already in place, but some items may not yet be there.

You can find the new download service from http://download.qt-project.org

Information on how to become a mirror is in the wiki at http://qt-project.org/wiki/mirror_howto<https://qt-project.org/wiki/mirror_howto>

Information on how MirrorBrain works is found from http://www.mirrorbrain.org

The new service is for open-source content only. All the commercial licensees are using a separate system. So it is completely ok for non-profit organizations to become a mirror.

Once more, many thanks to all of those who have helped us to get here. Now we need to get the mirrors agreed and content finalized before we can switch to full production use.


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