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> From: Richard Gerd Kuesters <richard at humantech.com.br>
> Subject: Re: [Development] [Feature Request] Websockets
> Date: 28 Aug 2013 19:28:11 GMT+02:00
> To: development at qt-project.org
> A couple of things got me thinking about the WebSocket implementation:
> 2. I believe that a websocket client would be directly attached to this network behaviour; it makes no sense to have a "headless" websocket in Qt - why not use a conventional socket? I think it might be useful, but just in some special cases. Other thing is: as I was looking into webkit source code, it already has a websocket client implementation. That brings another question: why is it there, after all? Why not in the network core?

Hi Richard, this subject has been touched by Shane already. Indeed, you are right that this should be integrated into the QtNetwork module. But, a web socket is not just a socket, it is a tcp socket that is upgraded, after a handshake to a web socket. According to Shane, it is not that easy to integrate this into the current code.
It has been decided, to put this code into the playground, so that
1. it at least integrates nicely with the Qt infrastructure
2. it is thoroughly reviewed and tested
3. we can wait and see what the demand is for this

I can understand that turning the network module upside down to add some feature, is not something that is done overnight.

Eventually, it can become an add-on or an integral part of the network module.

> 3. About the websocket server: it is, in fact, a new implementation for Qt.

Yes, it is. Depending on how 'high' Qt wants to evolve, I don't see a reason why it wouldn't fit. Personally, I see it as an opportunity, especially for embedded devices that are more and more controlled via web browsers (at least, that is what I am using it for). Having a web socket server in there, could dramatically enhance the possibilities (monitoring, notifications, aso). But then there is of course node.js also.

> I'm not trying to be a pain in the a**, just the devil's advocate, random thoughts on the direction this intend to go.

It doesn't hurt. Discussion is sane, and questions are for free.


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