[Development] Changing keyboard layouts in Qt 5.1 apps with GNOME

Petko Ditchev pditchev at gmail.com
Sat Aug 31 13:51:58 CEST 2013

  I need some help troubleshooting a problem I've been having : for a 
week now (I think since some updates to the keyboard layout settings in 
gnome) I can't change the keyboard layout in QtCreator (built with 
Qt5.1) and in my app that is on the same lib . Otherwise everything's ok 
, but Qt5.1 apps stick with the layout they are launched with .
  I'm sending this to both lists because the bug affects GNOME , but not 
Unity , and it affects Qt5.1 , but not Qt4 .

What I did :
1.I was on the Ubuntu dev build (13.10) , fresh install , upgraded when 
I encountered the bug (GNOME 3.8.x) with the Qt5.1.1. bundle . I tested 
then on Unity and there was no such problem.

2.Ubuntu started to be too much of a mess when trying to get the latest 
versions of stuff , so I decided to go Manjaro . Same GNOME , same Qt, 
same problem under Manjaro.

Fun fact :
 >QtLinguist in the Qt 5.1.1 bundle does not have the bug , but I 
suspect it might be a build with an old QtLib (qt creator has it)

I have little knowledge about keyboard layout changing and the 
communications between the WM and applications about it , so sorry if 
I've missed something obvious .


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