[Development] Qt Quick Controls native styling on mobile platforms?

achartier at fastmail.fm achartier at fastmail.fm
Mon Dec 2 17:25:45 CET 2013


In BogDan's blog post about Qt for Android
(http://www.kdab.com/qt-on-android-episode-1/), in the first table he
mentions that native styling for Android will be available in Qt 5.2.
Using Qt 5.2 RC1, it doesn't seem like native styling is available. Is
this something still planned for Qt 5.2 final, has it been pushed out to
a later release, or do I need to explicitly enable it in some way?

I am also very much interested in iOS development with Qt and have the
same questions for that platform It would be great to have tables
detailing the available features by module for iOS just like the ones
BogDan made for Android, as they do a great job of succinctly
communicating what is and is not supported on these new platforms and
what can be expected in upcoming releases.



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