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> On sexta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2013 11:16:20, Kurt Pattyn wrote:
>> When compiling applications with compiler flags on, a lot of warnings are
>> generated for the Qt header files. I
> Which compiler? Which warnings?

Both with Clang on OSX and GCC on Linux and Windows (MinGW).
These are the flags that are used:
                        "-Weffc++"                  #turn on warnings from Effective C++ handbook
                        "-fno-rtti"                 	   #disable runtime type information
                        "-fvisibility=hidden"       #do not export symbols by default
#                        "-Wshadow"                 #disable warning as too many false negatives are created

For Clang these are comparable.

The kind of warnings are mostly signed/unsigned conversions (mainly caused by QFlags). There is a non-virtual destructor warning on QSharedData (-Weffc++).
The moc generated files, generate errors like missing default clause in switch statement.
Do you want a complete list?

> We're not supposed to have any warnings with GCC or Clang.

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