[Development] Dropping XP?

Knight Andrew Andrew.Knight at digia.com
Wed Dec 11 10:40:18 CET 2013

>> John has one point: he could remove the fallback code for the timezone
>> support.

> Not for QTimeZone, the Vista stuff only extends the XP support, it
> doesn't replace it.  For QLocale and QCollator we could remove
> fallback code.

> John.

If there are places where our *_win.cpp would be a lot cleaner by moving the XP code into a separate _winxp.cpp file, that sounds like a good way to transition away from potentially unsupported/deprecated code and start using the newer (hopefully better) APIs available. Judging from the community reaction, we shouldn't remove that code altogether just yet.

Also note that in many cases, the older API usage isn't there just for XP's benefit, but also Windows CE.


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