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Mon Dec 16 19:44:49 CET 2013

On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 3:47 AM, Chao Caroline <Caroline.Chao at digia.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Qt Quick Test is part of Qt (in the qtdeclarative repo). I think the problem
> here is that you are trying to run a test using qmlscene directly.
> QML TestCases should be launched via a C++ harness:
> http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qtquick-qtquicktest.html

The other alternative is the qmltestrunner utility.

qmlscene is not expected to work, nor planned to, but ideally support
will be added to the new qml utility (such support is not currently in
place but wouldn't be too hard to add).

Alan Alpert

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> Subject: [Development] qtest-qml osx
> We have a fairly large qml project, and with 5.2 we are trying to switch to
> TDD for all components (c++, js (coffescript), QML).  Qt Creator and
> qmlscene in 5.2 both seem to have the same issue that files are missing:
>>qmlscene test1.qml
> file:///x/d/qt/testDrivenQML/test1.qml:25 Type TestCase unavailable
> file:///Users/joshua/Qt5.2.0/5.2.0/clang_64/qml/QtTest/TestCase.qml:45
> module "Qt.test.qtestroot" is not installed
> qt-labs/qtest-qml has a merge request under ‘review’ from 2 years ago!!  It
> refers to a problem with OSX installation (OSX is our primary development
> environment).  I have not been able to test this issue on other platforms,
> but noticing that both the merge request and the README install directions
> for qtest-qml are both very dated I thought it might be better just to ask
> here if this is dead, or is it supposed to work in 5.2 / OSX?  Docs for
> TestCase in 5.2 imply that it’ll work the same as any QML Type.
> Also in a separate note, the new Qt Creator crashes consistently when trying
> to create a new qt quick project through the interface.
> Thanks for the hard work!
> Best,
> j
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