[Development] QSettings, OS X

Samuel Gaist samuel.gaist at edeltech.ch
Wed Dec 18 13:41:08 CET 2013


I recently came across several posts talking about QSettings not working as expected on OS X (things not yet reported on the bug tracker). 

On OS X 10.9, it seems that Apple has decided to cache the application preferences more aggressively so if one users erases the plist file and restarts its application, the preferences are restored because of the cached version. The only current solution is to kill cfprefsd. So I wondered if some sort of cleanup/"don't load" should be added when reading the first time if the plist file doesn't exist ?

While looking at QSettings code, I have found that it uses several platform specific helper classes. Wouldn't they better fit in qpa ? if so, I'll be happy to move them and in this case should I open a report for that ? Also which branch should I target: dev or stable ? 

I also saw that the current implementation doesn't use the mac specialized version for parsing configuration files when NativeFormat is used. Would adding support for that in QMacSettingsPrivate be a good idea ?

And lastly would a NSUsersDefaults powered helper class be interesting ? (Just thinking about it, I didn't implement anything yet)

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