[Development] [Q] Good way to handle QEvent::DeferredDelete

Elvis Lee(KwangWoong Lee) kwangwoong.lee at lge.com
Tue Dec 31 09:41:28 CET 2013

Thiago and Simon

> From Thiago
> It's the JIT'ted code by V8. Nothing except a JIT uses pages
> writeable and executable -- they're a major security nightmare.

> Unfortunately, I need to know what called it. That's why you need to use
> and a debug build. You might need to turn JIT off in V4 too.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to upgrade to v5.2.0 in this stage. Our
source code is almost fixed.

> From Simon :
> You can turn off the JIT by setting the QV4_FORCE_INTERPRETER=1
environment variable at runtime. 

Maybe you mean this patch.
I tried to apply it on our qtdeclarative(v5.0.0). It seemed impossible.

Let me know if there is another thing I can check.
Thanks for advices.


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