[Development] Qt 5.1 feature set and freeze date

Knoll Lars Lars.Knoll at digia.com
Wed Feb 13 09:49:56 CET 2013

Hi everybody,

I would like to start the feature freeze Qt 5.1 middle of March. This is a
bit later then I originally proposed in December. There's two reasons for
this. First of all it'll reduce some of the integration pressure for the
Android ports as well as the Qt Quick Controls. Secondly, the release team
will be busy to get 5.0.2 out by by that time and won't have time to focus
on the 5.1 branch before middle of March.

The freeze will be done by merging dev back into stable, and then working
mainly on stable for a while to get a 5.1 beta and then 5.1.0 out. The
beta should happen as soon as possible after the feature freeze, and I'd
like to aim for 5.1.0 final by end of April.

Quite a bit of new functionality has made it into the dev branch, but I'd
also like to add a few of the modules left out in 5.0 to the release. The
candidates I can see so far are:

* Qt X11 Extras
* Qt Mac Extras
* Qt Sensors
* Qt Serial Port
* Qt Quick Controls (formerly known as desktop components)

The detailed timeline will be as follows:

* Friday 22. February: If you have a larger feature/feature branch (not
yet merged) that you want to have in the release you must have told the
release team (by mail to releases@) by then.
* Friday 1. March: Feature branch must be tested new functionality
documented and ready to integrate.
* Friday 15. March: Feature freeze. Merge from dev to stable.


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