[Development] Dropping the variadic version of QSKIP

Olivier Goffart olivier at woboq.com
Mon Jul 22 13:11:58 CEST 2013

On Wednesday 10 July 2013 19:43:09 Olivier Goffart wrote:
> On Wednesday 10 July 2013 09:46:48 Thiago Macieira wrote:

> > Well, there is a moc bug in the parsing of variadic macros, evidently.
> There is no bug.
> The QSKIP is defined depending on Q_COMPILER_VARIADIC_MACROS which itslef is
> defined depending on a builtin gcc macro wich is not given to moc. So moc
> beleive QSKIP only take one argument.
> The solution would be to add a || defined (Q_MOC_RUN)
> Arguably, moc could perhaps be more error tollerent in this case.

Here is a patch which would make moc print a warning instead of an error:


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