[Development] Qt 5 QSessionManager

Samuel Gaist samuel.gaist at edeltech.ch
Mon Jul 22 23:51:23 CEST 2013

On 22 juil. 2013, at 23:35, David Faure wrote:

> On Monday 22 July 2013 23:19:00 Samuel Gaist wrote:
>> Very good !
>> Something like a QPlatformSessionManager returned by the QPluginIntegration?
> I assume you mean QPlatformIntegration. Then yes.
You're right 

>> It would essentially replace the current content of QSessionManagerPrivate
>> with functions.
> Yes, for the benefit of the public methods that will have to call these.
> Plus other virtual methods for the currently-unimplemented methods (e.g. 
> isPhase2() and others).
>> Should there be an abstract for this class with a default implementation
>> (i.e QDefaultPlatformSessionManager) ? Or having the base class would be
>> enough ?
> The base class can take care of the trivial getters/setters you mentionned 
> (e.g. restartCommand/setRestartCommand).
> In addition it could have empty implementations of the other virtuals (e.g. 
> isPhase2), for platforms that don't really support session management. Hmm, 
> well, the alternative is to just not instanciate a subclass, i.e. handling the 
> case of NULL in QSessionManager (you'll have to do that anyway, to avoid 
> having to implement session management in all platforms).

Ok then, I think I have the base to start.

Should I open a bug report/feature request before for it or can I just start the implementation ?

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