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thanks for bringing this up on the mailing list Alan :)

Onsdag 24. juli 2013 08.45.17 skrev Alan Alpert:
> Qt CS had a discussion on how to handle mouse and touch event
> conflicts in QtQuick going forwards.
> An interesting idea came up that the existing model might be
> salvageable if we fix multi-cursor support. Some investigation will
> occur to see whether having multiple mouse grabs automatically solves
> the multitouch problems the current model has with converting touch
> events to mouse events. Also necessary is some sort of grab stack so
> that when a multi-finger gesture moves the mouse events to a different
> item, the grab for single fingers can return to where it was should
> the other fingers lift.
> If this approach works, then we'll have multi-touch and multi-cursor
> support without having to redesign the pointer interaction model in
> QtQuick. Otherwise we'll just have to implement separate touch and
> mouse handlers in all QtQuick items until we come up with a better
> idea.

My notes are on the wiki for the session:

I hope that we get most of the issues fixed for 5.2 actually. Let's see how 
far we get.

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