[Development] Android missing SONAME in lib's causes

BogDan bog_dan_ro at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 26 18:59:06 CEST 2013

>>>>     This provides a improvement for me but it is not a complete 
> solution, on
>>>>     android we load libQt5xxx.so my solution as it was still tried 
> to load
>>>>     libQt5xxx.so.5 which doesn't exist as libraries are not 
> symlinked on
>>>>     android like they are on Linux and only libQt5xxx.so is present.
>>>  Then perhaps this is the reason that the variable is simply cleared on
>>>  Android. qmake should probably generate the SONAME without the version 
> on
>>>  android?
>>>  Ossi, is that possible?
>>>  Thanks,
>>  Hello,
>>  If you are going to roll it back 
> https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,61330
>>  a few things will stop to work immediately:
>>    - android qt creator plugin.
>>    - no qt apps will be movable to sdcard (most of the sdcards are fat 
> formated, and it can not have symlinks).
>>    - Ministro needs lots of changes to support symlinks, this is the reason 
> why I choose not to use SONAME.
>>  There are two ways to have a Qt application on Android, one is to use 
> Ministro to get the libs, and the second one is to bundle Qt libs into the APK. 
> For none of them you don't need to use SONAME.
>>  Personally, I see no reason why should SONAME be used for Android ...
>>  Thanks,
>>  BogDan.
>>  P.S. Sorry for slow reply, I didn't see the message until now.
>>  .
> Hi,
> The only reason for it is to fix cmake building. From my testing yes 
> using the normal method to set the SONAME to be libQt5Core.so.5 does 
> break everything but manually setting the SONAME to be libQt5Core.so 
> works, at least for me this is because the java wrapper has already 
> loaded libQt5.core.so before my shared library is loaded and as they 
> have the same name the library is not re loaded.
> The only other solution is to patch cmake so it doesn't require a SONAME 
> or so that a SONAME can be manually provided.
> Cheers
> Simon

In this case I'll keep my -1 for that patch :)
Can't cmake scripts be changed to work with SONAME set to
libQt5XXXXX.so ?


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