[Development] QtCS - QObject discussion

Andre Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Sun Jul 28 20:00:00 CEST 2013

Op 26-7-2013 23:48, Olivier Goffart schreef:
> This is a summary of what's written there:
> https://qt-project.org/groups/qt-contributors-summit-2013/wiki/QObject
> - As it was decided in the QtCore discussion, new features may require C++11
> - We want to add an overload of QObject::connect that takes both a pointer to
> a "receiver" and a simple functor (as opposed to a pointer to member function)
> Use case is to have automatic disconnection of connections to lambda
> functions, and also be able to use thread affinity and QueuedConnection.
> Dario Freddi said he will have a look.
Would it be feasible to be able to connect directly to QObject or 
QObject subclasses that are stored in a shared pointer, scoped pointer 
or QPointer? It is just sugar of course, but it would be neat if I don't 
need the .data() anymore on these for connect statements...


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