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Here is a summary of the discussion about Qt Multimedia. For more information, please see the wiki page at http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt_Multimedia

- The overall quality of the module should be improved. This means better documentation, fixing and re-enabling some auto-tests, adding missing QML APIs, and improving consistency across backends. There is also work to do in JIRA to sort out old tasks (close or update), and create new ones.

- The GStreamer backend should be ported to GStreamer 1.0.

- Windows Media Foundation backend: add camera support, make it compilable with MinGW.

- DirectShow backend: could be available together with the WMF plugin in order to provide better codec support on Windows.

- QuickTime 7 backend (MacOS) can be deprecated in 5.2.

- QML VideoOutput fullscreen property (backends often have optimizations for fullscreen video rendering)

- New APIs (see wiki for details)

- A single cross-platform backend could be used everywhere to improve consistency across platforms and reduce code maintenance. The backend could be GStreamer or libVLC. We didn't have much time to talk about this, any thoughts?

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