[Development] a bit big change in qtquickcontrols recently

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>> Note that there are a lot of deployment issues for QML applications that we'll
>> probably need to discuss at the Contributor Summit. A few things that come to
>> mind are:
>> Android: I think I heard somewhere that the assets, like QML files, have to go
>> into a different folder than the binary so there needs to be a way to find them
>> without an #ifdef ANDROID around your QQmlApplicationEngine
>> QNX: File accesses are expensive, it would benefit from bundling up
>> everything into one file (or QRC'ing everything) for performance
> Weren't 'QML Bundles' designed to solve this issue? Are you, or someone else, still working on them?

Yes and no, respectively ;) .

I'm hopeful that someone will find time to work on them after the
current engine rewrite is done. But for now it's still half
implemented (it bundles files together, but doesn't do anything smart
with them at all).

Alan Alpert

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