[Development] Update configure script

Alexey Pavlov alexpux at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 07:37:05 CEST 2013


I see that top configure script are updated from Perl version to Bash
But it doesn't work, for example for shadows builds, because:

srcpath=`dirname $0`
configure=$srcpath/qtbase/configure  *<-- This line get relative path of
configure script if I build outside source tree*

if [ ! -e "$configure" ]; then
    echo "$configure not found. Did you forget to run \"init-repository\"?"
    exit 1

mkdir -p qtbase || exit

echo "+ cd qtbase"
cd qtbase || exit  *<-- After that line relative path is break because we
change directory*

echo "+ $configure $@"
"*../*$configure" "$@" || exit 1  *<-- Proposed solution is using "../"
before configure*

echo "+ cd .."
cd ..

echo "+ qtbase/bin/qmake $srcpath"
exec qtbase/bin/qmake "$srcpath"

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