[Development] Future of QtOpenCL

Sebastian Lehmann qt at leemes.de
Sat Jun 29 19:00:25 CEST 2013

Hello Qt developers,

I'm sadly noting that the QtOpenCL project [1] is dead since end 2010,  
yet it's still
usable. I want to bring this module back to life. Currently, the  
module has a couple of
issues such as const-correctness and missing support for Qt5.

I see two options with that: Either rewriting the whole module with a  
new design, or
improving the existing code base.

Also, I'd love to have some basic, generic and reusable algorithms  
implemented in OpenCL
and available with an interface similar to QtConcurrent. This could be  
in a separate
module. I have some nice ideas for the design of this.

Some people say that there's no big advantage in having a QtOpenCL  
module, as everything
can also be done with CL library function calls. But both the  
advantage of RAII as well
as having a Qt'ish interface are a huge help when writing applications  
with a lot of
GPGPU computations, as the raw CL functions are way too painful to  
write (and read).

How's your opinion about bringing QtOpenCL back to life (especially in  
Qt5)? Any concrete
ideas or suggestions?

Anyone out there who wants to help? How is the typical "workflow" for  
new modules in Qt5?



PS: I already read through the Qt Contribution Guidelines.

PPS: I'm currently writing an OpenCL powered application with the  
"old" QtOpenCL module
within the context of a GPGPU computing course I'm taking. I have  
quite a good knowledge
of GPGPU computing as well as the old QtOpenCL module and its flaws.  
But I think this
won't be enough to rewrite a whole new Qt5 module from scratch. So I  
think this won't
work unless some people from the community can be found willing to help.

  [1]: http://doc.qt.digia.com/opencl-snapshot/

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